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Dear Friends, 

This last week I was interviewed by a film director for a screenplay that’s being written about a priest.  It was such an interesting exercise, because it caused me to reflect on my calling, as well as the most powerful moments in my ministry.  I was asked to recall the most funny, terrifying and touching moments where I could see God speaking clearly to me and to others in love. 

Yesterday afternoon, 20 members of our parish gathered outdoors for a wine and cheese and were asked to reflect on their experiences in the parish of St. Timothy’s, Agincourt.  We heard some touching stories.  It caused us to remember and reflect on the incredible ways the Holy Spirit has moved and continues to move through the hearts of all those in this place.  What a gift. 

Some of our church family members were unable to attend this event due to medical issues, as well as demands of home, work and school.  If you were unable to attend, I invite you to reflect on the questions below.  When you are ready to share your story, email it to me.  Choose to be a part of God’s voice speaking to us here and now about our vision, as we journey into a brave new place in our church family life. 

Here are the questions: 

1. Reflecting on your entire experience at St. Timothy’s, remember a time when you felt the most engaged, alive, and motivated.  Who was involved?  What did you do?  How did it feel? What happened as a result? 

2.  What are the most important contributions St. Timothy’s has made to your life?  Tell me when this happened.  Who made a difference?  How did it affect you? 

3. Don’t be humble; this is important information:  Tell me about a time when you made an important contribution to our church- through your personality, your perspectives, your skills, your activities, your character.  What was happening?  Who else was involved? How did you make a difference?

 4. Tell me about an important spiritual experience, growth in belief, or step of faith that has occurred for you in this congregation.  Describe what, when, how and where this happened. 

5. What are the essential, central characteristics or ways of life that make our church unique?

 6. Make three wishes for the future of our congregation?  Describe what St. Timothy’s would look like as these wishes come true. Looking forward to your stories. 

Happy Thanksgiving,