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Your support of the biennial Outreach Walkathon is truly a blessing. It ensures that our homeless guests have a safe, quiet place at St. Timothy’s to enjoy a substantial, nutritionally balanced breakfast.

The breakfast is open from 8:30-10:30 am every Wednesday and is staffed by Rev. Kathy, Penny Laity, Sheila Martin, and Penny Seymour. In 2019 we served 643 breakfasts, an average of 13 per week, an 11% increase over 2018.

The breakfast is often the only meal our guests have that day or sometimes for more than a day. It is most often the only substantial breakfast they have during the week. We know how hungry our guests are because there is never any food waste.

Guests help themselves to cereal (Shreddies), orange juice, coffee, and tea. We serve a plate that has: a hard-boiled egg, a small wedge of cheese and piece of meat, toast or bagel, individual tub of yogurt, banana, 1 other soft fruit such as a strawberry (depending on what is on sale), a slice of tomato (from Kathy’s garden in the summer). Guests help themselves to peanut butter, cream cheese, or jam for their toast/bagel. If you have questions about this ministry, please don't hesitate to ask any of the team members listed above.