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Service of Morning Prayer for the Seventh Sunday after Easter (Sunday after Ascension Day & Jerusalem Sunday)

•  Acts 1:1-11  • Psalm 47  • Ephesians 1:15-23  • Luke 24:44-53

Readings for Easter 7 (Click here!)

  • Officiants:  The Rev. Dr. Kathy Buligan & The Rev. Andrea Christensen
  • Preacher & Reader:  Pastor Elaine Vanderwerf
  • Intercessor:  Anne Baillargeon  
  • Gospel Music:  “Jerusalem the Golden”, (CP, 278 – Tune:  Ewing) played and sung by Kara Prost
  • Reflective Music: “Alleluia, Sing to Jesus!”, (CP, 374 – Tune: Hymn To Joy) played by Raymond Cheong and sung by Kara Prost and Angela Gibbon
  • Closing Music:  “Open The Eyes of My Heart” written and composed by Paul Baloche, played by Raymond Cheong

Happy Birthday Church!  Next week we celebrate the birthday of the Church at Pentecost, the Christian festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension.  In order to celebrate, we are going to ask you for your participation!  (We are aware that worshiping over the past couple of months has been primarily a passive experience- so, it’s definitely time to get involved!)  This coming week, please send me ( an appropriate photograph or drawing/painting of God’s people celebrating the birthday of the Church or the coming of the Holy Spirit.  This can be a personal picture, or something you’ve found that is meaningful to you.  Send your picture by Thursday, May 28th and we’ll create a beautiful slide show to watch during coffee hour.  Also, have some cake or a cupcake ready to enjoy with your church friends as we come together during our coffee hour in honour of this birthday celebration!

Special Vestry:  Our Property Committee has been working very hard maintaining the building, inside and out, during this pandemic.  Unfortunately, because of recent wind and rain storms, our church roof has been losing a large number of shingles and requires some serious maintenance.  To that end, we will be holding a Special Vestry in order to hear about the RFP process, the proposal from the Property Committee, and to take a vote so that this work can begin.  As parishioners of St. Timothy’s, you are encouraged to attend this Special Vestry and to ask any questions that are appropriate and pertinent to this project. In order to attend this meeting, you will need to join with Zoom.  A link will be sent out to all who would like to attend the meeting which is scheduled for Thursday, June 4th at 2 PM.  (We will need to hold the meeting during working hours so that our Administrator is available to take minutes.)

Gifts and Contributions:  Thank you so much for remembering to send in your weekly/monthly cheques and gifts to the church.  You have been very faithful about this process, and it is appreciated.  Please do remember to continue sending in your cheques via mail, or begin with PAR so that you can continue to give each month, especially throughout the summer.  Thank you.

Flower Power!  Many thanks to Barbara Broadbent, Janet Trim and Bob Horne for their incredible organization and energy in seeing our Plant Project through!  St. Timothy’s raised over $1000 from this project that will go directly to helping with the ministry and maintenance of the church!  Thank you, Barbara, Janet & Bob!  We appreciate your time and dedication in service to St. Timothy’s!  Bless you!

Mid-Week Café:  As the staff met this week, we wondered whether parishioners might appreciate connecting with Rev. Andrea or other members of the staff or parish via zoom for a “check-in” during a regular weekday timeslot in the summer.  For example, one of the staff would always be available to talk, pray or listen on Wednesdays at 2 PM.  Let us know what you think, and if you would appreciate having “office hours” where you can ask questions, receive prayer, or just “see” one another!

Thy Kingdom Come Project: We are invited, along with churches all over the world, to pray for 5 people to come to Christ between now and Pentecost.  Pick your 5, and begin praying!

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Every blessing be upon you!