Give financial support for St. Timothy's ministries

Over 85% of St. Timothy's budget is funded through free-will donations.  We do not charge membership fees and the services of our ministries to our neighbours and members are given free of charge.  The remaining 15% of our revenue comes from space rental, trust fund dividends and bank interest. 

The bottom line is that St. Timothy's depends on the generosity of its members and visitors to provide the necessary financial resources to keep our mission to the world going!

Members who wish to donate on a regular basis do so via the PAR program or via envelopes collected each week at church services.  PAR stands for Pre-Authorized Remittance which is an automatic monthly withdrawal from your bank account or credit card to support St. Timothy’s needs.  If you wish to donate via PAR or envelopes, please contact the church office.

Visitors or members not wishing to donate regularly may do so by contacting the office or by visiting St. Tim's page.

 You can also donate to St. Timothy’s Agincourt with an e-transfer from your bank account. Please add "St. Timothy’s Anglican Church, Agincourt" as a recipient and use the email address "". A security question and answer will be required, these have been provided in the e-transfer instructions (click the link for further instructions).