Everyone is welcome at St. Timothy’s, Agincourt. 

We are so glad that your spiritual journey has led you to explore baptism for yourself or your child! Baptisms at St. Timothy’s take place several times a year, with dates planned well in advance. Please speak to our Administrator for scheduled dates and times.

For parents, having your child baptised means that you want them to grow up to be a follower of Jesus Christ and embrace all the love and mercy that God wants to give them. Baptism as an adult means the same thing—responding to God’s love and mercy and committing yourself to learning how to follow Jesus Christ.

If you think you may be interested in baptism at St. Timothy’s, we invite you to join our Sunday morning worship for a few months to see whether this is the Christian community you would like to be part of.

We want to support and encourage you as you take this important step, whether in your own faith journey or as you seek to raise your child in the Christian faith. Because baptism is such a significant commitment, we have a preparation process to assist you along the way and to help you get a sense of our community.

There are three main steps in baptism preparation at St. Timothy’s, Agincourt:

1) Have a conversation with our Rector, The Reverend Andrea Christensen. You can call the office to make an appointment with Rev. Andrea or email her at rector@sttims.ca to discuss baptism and explore any questions you have.

2) Join in a preparation class with other baptismal candidates. Parents will participate in our 3-week baptism prep class led by our Rector and Pastor for Children and Young Families. Adults are invited to take the Alpha course and meet one-on-one with Rev. Andrea as they prepare.

3) About a month before the baptism service, you and your child (for parents baptizing a child) will be introduced to the congregation as someone preparing for baptism—this allows the community to start praying for you!

If you're interested in exploring Baptism, either for yourself or your child, please fill in the forms below and send them in to the office.

Let’s begin the conversation!