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Dear Friends, 

It always surprises me that a young man from a wealthy family gave up all that he owned, including a life of luxury, for God.  Why would he do this?  I think it’s because he fell in love.  Falling in love has that effect.  Francis of Assisi fell in love with God.  He learned to listen to the voice of God through the insights and intuitions deep within himself.  When God called, Francis responded by taking great risks. 

Two Sundays ago, Kathy preached about taking risks and speaking boldly for God’s people.  She spoke on the text from Esther, and illustrated how this incredible woman risked her very life for God’s people.  How she boldly spoke truth to the powers that be.  Something we continue to be called to do today. 

As we celebrate the feast of Saint Francis this Sunday at the Blessing of the Animals service outside at 11:15 am, let us ask ourselves if we’re still actively hearing the voice of God in our lives?  During such a time of isolation, it’s easy to pull away from God and find ourselves immersed in other distractions, or perhaps choosing to put God a little further down on our “to-do” list.  But He’s still calling us.  He may be calling you into deeper worship.  Perhaps He’s even calling you into deeper connection with your church family.  Or maybe He’s calling you to live more simply, more deeply and more freely.  Whatever the case, I invite you to listen. 

God of love, in a nation of consumerism and greed, grant us the courage to hear your voice and to shed whatever keeps me from following you faithfully.  Amen.