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 Dear Friends,

As we prepare for the opening of “in-person” worship on Sunday, I feel called to encourage and invite you all, once again, to consider being double-vaccinated- if you haven’t already.   

As Christians, we believe that human life is to be honored and protected, as all people are created in the image of God. And, as Christians, we have a responsibility to love our neighbors, all of our neighbors. Working together to get vaccinated, and to encourage others to do so, is a key part of that responsibility right now.  

I do know that some of our parishioners have concerns about receiving the vaccine, but I would still like to encourage each member of our church family to take the necessary steps to be vaccinated, because the needs of the moment demand an embrace of this medical science.  We now know that vaccines are considered to be safe and that they do protect us from disease.  The percentage of fully vaccinated people in Canada is 68.6% at the moment.  Let’s see if we can raise this number a little higher so that we can all feel more confident and a little safer about returning to church and community activities.   

If you have questions or concerns about getting your vaccine or coming back to church in-person, please let me know.  We’ll talk through these issues together.