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Dear Friends,

This coming Sunday, November 21st, we will be celebrating The Reign of Christ and acknowledging the work and ministry of FaithWorks at our 10 AM worship service.

FaithWorks is a charitable programme of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto.  They offer support to Ministry Partners by serving the needs of people who are Indigenous, homeless, hungry, at-risk women, children or youth, immigrants or refugees, or people struggling with HIV/AIDS.  The FaithWorks team has helped to build communities of compassion and hope, and they’ve shared their blessings with the vulnerable and marginalized right here in our community and around the world.  FaithWorks has fed, sheltered, nurtured and befriended over 20,000 people in our communities and around the world every year, and has provided more than $35 million to Anglican-affiliated ministries over the last 25 years. 

This Sunday we look forward to hearing more from the FaithWorks community partners, and to receiving an award from the Diocese for your generous support of this ministry.  If you would like to make a special gift to FaithWorks this Sunday, please mark your envelope accordingly, or use the memo line to indicate that this is a gift to the FaithWorks program. 

Every blessing,