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When I was a child I loved being read to.   I have memories of my Grandma reading Beatrix Potter stories to me while I sat on her lap in her special chair.  I remember my second grade teacher, Mrs. Horton, reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, to the class as we sat around her on the rug at the front of the classroom.  I remember my dad reading The Secret Garden to me for the second time, 'cause I loved it so much.  

Now that I am the adult, I love reading to children.  I have read to my neices and nephews via Skype for years, so when the stay home orders came down, I expanded my online reading to include our parish children.  Every Tuesday and Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock, for about half and hour, I read stories to our children on Zoom.  It is a real joy to see their faces and to catch up on their time at home.  I hear about homework and excerise routines.  I see stuffed toys and snacks.  I see parents in the backgroud enjoying a breather for a little while.  

When I set up my big blue chair, it was for my own reading and quiet space.  It was the "holy ground" in my house where all the distractions of life could melt away and I could meet with God.  It is where I sit when I read with the children.  Today I had twice as many children as I have had up til now and that fills me with joy.  We shared a little.  We heard our stories and then I prayed with them.  It was so precious seeing little heads bowed and hands folded in prayer.

Holy moments aren't only found in Church buildings.  They can be found in comfy chairs and story books.  We just need to recognize them for what they are.