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The Baptism of the Lord

Sunday, January 10th, 2021  

Genesis 1:1-5  • Psalm 29  • Acts 19:1-7  • Mark 1:4-11


Meeting ID: 983 5348 6045 Passcode: 246135

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Readings for Baptism of the Lord (Click here!)

  • Officiant:  The Rev. Dr. Kathy Buligan
  • Preacher:  The Rev. Andrea Christensen
  • Readers:  Richie Richardson & Diane Frans
  • Intercessor:  Diane Frans
  • Organist:  Marianne Gast
  • Soloist:  Sofia Rahul
  • Zoom Host:  Soniya Thomas
  • AV Tech:  Ben Conn
  • Opening Hymn:  Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, CP #384
  • Offertory Hymn:  All Creatures of our God and King, CP #355
  • Closing Hymn: God, Whose Almighty Word, CP # 560



ENVELOPES:  We are happy to report that envelopes have arrived and are waiting in alphabetical order to be picked up.  However, as there are no “regular” office hours at this time, the wardens will be providing a drive-through pick-up on Friday and Saturday this coming week so that you can safely claim your box.  We will send out a notification providing more details on Monday.  In the meantime, please continue to reuse your envelopes from 2020 as your number will remain the same for all records.

GIFTED TECH HELP:  Do you know someone who has a gift for technology and a willingness to learn how to operate a camera and/or host zoom meetings?  This person will have experience in the field and be cool under pressure!  Please send names to and be sure that the candidate knows you’ve offered their name!

MOMENTUM RETREAT: Rev. Andrea will be providing our diocesan curates with a two-day retreat this coming week, on Wednesday, January 13th and Thursday, January 14th and will not be accessible.  If you require assistance, please call or email the office.

ALPHA COURSE:  Our next Alpha Course will be launched in February 2021.  Stay tuned for a “save the date” announcement and get your list of invitees ready!

LENTEN STUDY:  The Rev. Dr. Kathy Buligan is preparing to present “The Parables of Jesus” as a Lenten study beginning in February 2021.  Details coming soon!  

Yours in faith,