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Liturgy of the Word on the Feast of


• Deuteronomy 8:2-3,14-16• Psalm 147:12-15,19-20• 1 Corinthians 10:16-17• John 6:51-58  

  • Officiant: The Reverend Andrea Christensen
  • Preacher:  Pastor Elaine Vanderwerf
  • Readers: The Rev. Dr. Kathy Buligan and Ben Conn
  • Intercessor: Anne Baillargeon
  • Opening Music: “Sing a New Song unto the Lord”, written and composed by Dan Schutte, played by The Cheong Family, sung by Kara Prost & Angela Gibbon.  
  • Reflective Music: “How Beautiful”, written and composed by Twila Paris, played by The Cheong Family and sung by Kara Prost & Angela Gibbon
  • Postlude: “Ite missa est” by Johann Diebold, Op. 54B, No. 7. (


  • Justice for All:  In the news, we are hearing about issues of justice, ethnicity and inequality.  There has been tremendous pain, hurt and anger shared by people around the world.  Racism is deeply rooted in our history and continues today, as highlighted by the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests in Toronto, the United States, the United Kingdom, and throughout the world.   Many of you have come to me over the past week wanting to talk, needing to be in conversation and asking for prayer.  Our church remains a safe place to voice concerns, fears, hopes and dreams for a better future for us, our community and the world.  My prayer is that through listening and prayer, we might find a way to be a part of the solution to end racism, injustice, and oppression- and hear God’s voice in the midst of it, crying for His people, and leading us toward a better future where every human being is treated with respect and dignity. If you would like to be a part of a conversation on moving toward justice, or you simply need to talk about the issues and how you are personally coping with them, call or email.  We’re here for you.
  • Ontario re-opening Stage 2: There has been some confusion around our re-entry into pubic worship.  While the government has gone ahead and declared that places of worship were able to re-open last Friday with no more than a 30% capacity, our own Diocese of Toronto has made a counter-cultural move for the safety of our congregations.  While we are all excited to “get back to normal” and return to church once again, the College of Bishops holds our safety in the highest regard.  We recognize that the majority of our congregations are made up of the most vulnerable sector, and without proper PPE and cleaning protocols in place (that are mandated across the Diocese) it would be unsafe and unwise to gather in haste.  Please remain patient and, in the words of our Bishop, “stay the course.”  
  • VBS Summer Camp: St. Timothy’s Summer Camp will be going VIRTUAL this year! Join us for summer camp (July 13th – 17th) online with Zoom.  We will still have all the elements that you love about camp: songs, stories, games, crafts and friends- just all compacted into 1 hour from 10 AM – 11 AM each day.  There is no charge for the camp, but you do need to register your child(ren) via email so we can send them the Zoom link.  Please email Elaine to register your child(ren) for this action-packed adventure!  
  • Raise the Roof Campaign:  The Corporation is delighted by the amount of money we’ve already received from parishioners in support of our “Raise the Roof” Campaign for our church roof.  Please watch for a new YouTube video being prepared by our very own Property Committee early this week.  This video will tell you about the decisions that have been made to provide the much-needed maintenance to our roof, and how you can help!  Each “bundle” of shingles/$50 covers 10 sq.ft. of our roof, and we have 6000 sq.ft. to cover.  We encourage you to “buy a bundle” (or several!) on behalf of your family! Additionally, the Corporation has agreed to use the Plant-Sale funds for the “Raise the Roof” campaign, as one of our beloved parishioners first suggested during our Special Vestry Meeting on June 4.  Praise God for this added gift!  

God's abundant blessing on your week,