Holy Week is the most significant week in the Christian calendar and is usually a time when we gather frequently to recall the events of Jesus’s final week before his death and resurrection.  In these uncertain times of COVID-19, we have to rethink how we mark this week without gathering beyond our household.  At St. Timothy’s, Agincourt, we will be providing recorded liturgies as well as some at home activities to do together with those who live together or on your own.  

The photos that will appear at the top of each day’s activity pages are of a set of wooden, nesting eggs, called the Easter Story Egg created by Natalie Ard.  

Each day of Holy Week will have a photo, a scripture passage related to the picture on the egg, an audio recording of the scripture from a children’s Bible, some things to do and think about to help the story come to life and some YouTube links to songs that will further enhance your understanding of Jesus’s journey and our response to his love for us.  

Certain days will ask you to have some objects ready to help you participate:              

Palm Sunday – either a palm or small evergreen branch              

Monday – some coins              

Tuesday – card making supplies              

Wednesday – something lavender scented (lotion, essential oil, candle)              

Thursday – bowl of water, soap, towel, supper (including some kind of bread and wine/juice)

Friday – 5 candles, a cross (or items to make a cross: popsicle sticks, Lego, paper, pen, cloth)

Saturday – 5 candles, bowl of water, chalk              

Sunday – bell