Kids Connect

During the 10 am Service

Children begin the service either sitting with their families or with their Kids Connect teachers.  After the Collect of the day (short prayer early in the service) the children will be invited to gather at the front of the church for a short story, prayer or blessing.  At this time, the children will process down the aisle and continue to their program downstairs.

Downstairs the children will gather around their own altar, take up their own offering and hear the Bible story.  We are using the Feasting on the Word curriculum, so the lessons downstairs are based on the same scripture as are part of the worship service.  The lessons involve activities and crafts, songs and games.  Our teachers are all screened and always work in pairs, they are prepared and love sharing God's Word with children.

Our children come back upstairs during the offertory so that they may participate in the Eucharist.  After they have received, they go back downstairs to wrap up their activities and will remain there until they are collected by their families.