The High School Choral Scholars Program  (ON HOLD)

The St. Timothy’s High School Choral Scholar program, founded in 2006, provides performance experience and training for young pre-professional singers in a choral setting. The scholars provide support to the choir and provide congregational leadership at the Sunday 10 am service. If you’re interested in becoming a choral scholar, please contact the office.


For Students and their Parents and Guardians


We are very pleased to welcome you as a High School Choral Scholar in the St. Timothy’s Choir. We’re a volunteer group of singers who provide musical leadership for choral services at the church. We hope you’ll enjoy singing with us!


The High School Choral Scholar program provides students such as you, who have an interest in vocal music, with practical skills to add to your resume. We hope the experience you gain will help when you audition for future roles. You also will have the opportunity to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to an activity that requires dependable attendance. Punctuality, professionalism, and dedication are important qualities to establish when you’re applying for positions of any kind, musical or otherwise. We’re also optimistic you’ll enjoy exploring the wide range of music in the choir’s repertoire. It covers a variety of musical periods, styles, and traditions. Our volunteers sing in the choir because, while it’s a lot of hard work and a significant time commitment, it’s also a lot of fun.

Thursday Rehearsals

Thursday rehearsals start promptly at 8 pm and end exactly at 9:30 pm. The Church door is unlocked at 7:30 pm. Please arrive in time to be ready to sing at 8 pm.

Sunday Warmups

Sunday warmups begin at 9:30 am. The choral service begins at 10 am and runs about 75 minutes. There is an earlier service from 8-9 am so the Church is open all morning should you arrive early.

Special Dates

Scholars are encouraged to participate in all of the Choir’s engagements, including special services on Christmas Eve, during Holy Week and Easter, and at various other times during the year. The Music Director will provide schedules.


You will receive an honorarium, a nominal gesture of goodwill and appreciation for your commitment to the program as demonstrated by your weekly attendance. This is not an hourly rate or salary.

For Parents and Guardians

Parents and guardians are welcome to attend rehearsals without prior arrangement; simply drop in. On Sundays, please join us for our 10 am choral service and for the refreshment hour afterwards. If you’re not able to attend the service, be sure to pop in for refreshments, regardless. It’s very informal and we’d love to meet you.